Strike Explained

Here at Berry's Camera Acting, we know that some of the grown-up things might be difficult to understand. Therefore we've prepared a short graphical representation for the younger ones to understand what the strike that everyone is talking about is addressing and what grown-ups are trying to agree on.

SAG-AFTRA Actor's Strike 

Use of Artificial Intelligence

As computers became more sophisticated and smarter, creating an artificial actor or changing the actor's performance displayed on the screen became possible. Actors want the usage of artificial intelligence and actor's image to be regulated.

Self Tapes

Over the last couple of years, self-tape usage has become a de-facto first choice in the industry, putting additional stress on actors. Actos wants the approach to the self-tapes reviewed.

Compensation, Benefits and Residual Payments

Actors fight for improved benefits, fair compensation and residuals in the new reality of streaming platforms that would provide them access to health insurance and maintain a basic standard of living.

WGA Writer's Strike

Fair Pay

Grown-up writers who write scripts for movies and tv series struggle to survive and have trouble paying for their rent and food. This is regardless of the profits that other grown-ups have from those movies.

Artificial Intelligence

As computers become smarter and smarter it becomes possible to ask a computer to generate a whole movie script. But such script will be based on other scripts that would be stitched together in a new way. It is not fine to use someone else work and writers want clear rules about when a computer program can be used and when such computer programs should not be used.

Mini Rooms

Writers want to ensure they can work in a good environment that would not limit their creativity and provide good conditions for coming up with new ideas and even better scripts. 

Streaming Share

Even though the profits from streaming movies grows the profits for the writers drops. Writers want a fair share in the profits from streaming services.