At Berry's Camera Acting, we intend to create a space where all berries can show their craft to others. We believe that proper art deserves a public space for presentation. If you are making your own movies and would like to donate your time to help other young actors, let us know at

Short Movies

Short movies are between 3 and 5 minutes long. Recording of a short movie can take between one to two days and requires at least two weeks of preparation.

Game Set Match

Short action movie with stage combat created together with Coquitlam Tactical Fighting

To record a similar short movie you need:

If you live in British Columbia and have a scene recorded, feel free to submit a scene to Berry's Camera Acting. Before you submit recordings, please consult your acting teacher and/or an agent. We do not host the scenes ourselves - the submitted video must be accessible through a public or unlisted YouTube link, so you can always control its accessibility to the general public. Please indicate all names and the scene's title in the submission. Only the first names of actors will be displayed for reference. Scenes containing mature content and scenes showing eating, slicing, smashing or harming berries in any way will not be accepted - no exceptions. If you are less than 18 years old, please ask your parent to fill out the submission form.