Set Etiquette

The movie set is a workplace like many others. Movie making is a collaborative effort, and to make the day, we all have to follow a set of unformalized rules described in the Set Etiquette. 

Do not comment on other actors' performances

This is a piece of advice from Michael Caine "Other actors' acting is not your business". The easiest way to make enemies is to criticize others. It's best to leave your comments and observations for yourself. No one likes to work with mean berries. 

Do not wear makeup (or paper bags) in the morning

We all have better and worse days. Sometimes we have a bad hair day. Some other times we get a pimple right in the middle of our face or bags under our eyes. Don't panic, the makeup artists on the set can get it sorted. And if not them, then the proper lighting, the camera operator taking slightly different angles or, as the last resort modern software in the post-production. The worst thing you can do is try to fix the problem yourself. Do not put makeup on in the morning or do anything reckless. Leave it to the specialists and be on set ahead of time - no makeup in the morning.

Also, once you have your makeup on, do not "fix" your own makeup - you can ruin the work that was done earlier in the day - ask for help instead.

Think positive 

No one likes to work with sad and depressed people. Have fun and think positive. Even if it's not your best day try to project good emotions to yourself and to others.

Be kind to others

No one wants to work with a belladonna or a diva that everyone around is scared of. Even if you are incredibly overassertive by nature, do your best to be nice to others.

Be on time and let others know where you are

One minute of delay in production can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore you should always try to be on time and let other's know about your whereabouts. 

There's a good reason for being on time. Reasons for any delay in production are recorded. Those records have to be presented to the company that insured the movie. If there are too many delays caused by a given actor, it's not great. It might be harder for a producer to insure production casting this actor and getting necessary funding from the bank.

Once you're wired in be extra careful 

Once you have your microphone on. Be careful where you go with the microphone. Everyone on the set with headphones hears every single word (or sound you make).

Do not move props on the set

There's a reason why there's so much berry juice on the set. Moving props can result in berries being squashed. Never move props on the set unless you're acting or rehearsing, otherwise, you'll cause problems with continuity.

Do not talk or move during filming

Unless you're acting of course... Hey, other berries are working here!

Do not chat close to the area where someone is rehearsing

You do not want to disturb other berries when they're preparing for a scene. Treat others as you would like yourself be treated. Give others space to prepare for their work when they need it.

Do not enter or exit the soundstage when red light is on

The red light above the door means that on the other side, there are Berry-eating monsters on the loose. All Berries should stay calm in a safe place where they are until the light goes off. 

But seriously, do you wish to get on a war path with a sound engineer? The war path starts behind the door with the red light above. Microphones are extremely sensitive. You can ruin someone's work and cause delays in the schedule simply by opening the door. 

Let assistant director know where you are at all times

Even if you're scene is scheduled to be filmed later on guess what, schedules change, therefore make sure that the assistant director knows where you are at all times. Including when you need to use the washroom.

Do not dress up in costume unless acting or rehearsing

Yes, those costumes are great. Guess what you get it dirty or damage it in any other way and it'll cause problems with continuity. If you need to rehearse that's different story, otherwise get into the costume when you're asked to not just because it's cool.

Know your lines

Everyone has a bit of a stage anxiety. The more prepared you are the less likely you are to mess things up again and again. Reduce the risk of being the one that wrecked the scene, memorize your lines. 

Don't smell bad

Yes, having a gym or a jog in the morning or getting this new exciting fragrance on you is so tempting. Well, the set is a crowded place, don't get into extremes, and don't let others know when you are from 10 feet away. Be clean.

Don't forget your schoolwork

Yep, you can run from school but you can't run from school work. If you are still attending the school you are required to do your homework on set with the designated teacher. Better don't forget your stuff, no exceptions.

Are you a movie director and do you believe we still need to make modifications?  Please let us know immediately by contacting, and we'll make suitable adjustments.