Character Types

You might believe you can play anyone, and if you're a talented actor, you might be good enough to portray several characters successfully. Still, even if you have many Academy awards on your shelf, some characters would be a much better fit than others.  

To understand why this is the case, the work of the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung comes into play.

The term "archetype" was formed in his essay "Instinct and the Unconscious" from 1919. Over the years, the theory crystalized, and 12 specific character types got created. 

Ego types

Innocent/Child (Demeter)

Orphan (Hephaestus)

Hero/Warrior (Ares)

Caregiver (Hera, Hestia)

Soul types

Explorer/Seeker (Artemis)

Rebel (Prometheus)

Lover (Aphrodite)

Creator (Apollo)

Self types

Jester (Hermes)

Sage/Mentor (Athena)

Magician (Dionysus)

Ruler/Queen (Zeus)

Innocent/Child (Demeter) 

Think of a character from a movie that is a child or resembles a child to some extent. The main factor is being pure. This type of character in film often is a contrast to the outside world. 

Looks and attributes: everyday clothes, pastel colours

Roles: daughter, son, pupil

Examples: the girl in the red coat from Schindler's List or Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

Orphan (Hephaestus)

Think of an ordinary person that gets thrown into the storm of the story and can become the main protagonist.

Looks and attributes: trying to stay in the shadow, beige colours

Roles: victim, patient

Examples: Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker from Star Wars

Hero / Warrior (Ares)

Heroes or Warriors are usually protagonists of the story. They have specific talents and intellectual or physical strengths. Face extreme difficulties, and overcome obstacles above imagination. And finally, defeat the main antagonist. Because that's what heroes do, they're, you know, heroes.

Looks and attributes: leather jacket, brown and black colours

Roles: policeman, soldier, firefighter

Examples: Superman or Neo from Matrix

Caregiver (Hera, Hestia)

Think of a parent, the best friend, older sister or brother. This type of character would focus on protecting and defending others. 

Looks and attributes: sweater, plain dress, glasses, ponytail

Roles: mother, father, nurse 

Example: Mrs. Weasley from  Harry Potter or Oscar Shindler in Schindler's List 

Explorer / Seeker (Artemis)

An explorer is a type of character that can't stand. Still, it would move the story forward by searching for new adventures or places to visit. Explorer is driven by curiosity and does not need any external force to get moving forward.

Looks and attributes: whip (joking), tweed jacket, coat, shirts with neckline, sports look

Roles: curious teen, detective, doctor, scientist, traveller 

Example: Indiana Jones

Rebel (Prometheus)

A rebel is someone that would not accept things as they are. A rebel character always tries to get things right because they have an internal moral compass. On the surface, a rebel might not look like a hero, but under the thick skin, there's a big heart. 

Looks and attributes: hoody, worn jeans, battle pants, 

Roles: problematic teen, rock musician

Example: is Han Solo from Star Wars or Katnis Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Lover (Aphrodite)

A character is driven by heart, someone that would do even the craziest thing for the other person. 

Looks and attributes: loose hair, well-fitted dress, tight sweater, warm colours, suit

Roles: young adult, university student, waitress, carpenter

Example: Phil Connors from Groundhog Day or Edward from Twilight

Creator (Apollo)

The creator character is usually creative, obsessed, intelligent and passionate but often egocentric. 

Looks and attributes: A bit out of order as look would not be your main focus, shirt with a tie that might not be fitted properly, glasses

Roles: music composer, mad scientist, painter, sculptor, graphics designer

Example: Tony Stark from Iron Man

Jester (Hermes)

Jester never takes life seriously and can be a bit weird. Jesters or jokers are unreliable. They live by the day and do not seem to bother about the consequences of their actions.

Looks and attributes: You need to look like the weird one, a bit edgy and twisted

Roles: best friend, addict

Example: Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean

Sage/Mentor (Athena)

Sage is intelligent, wise and skillful. Sage would present a strategic approach, would be driven by logic. 

Looks and attributes: Well groomed like the Lover but with the hair pulled back, glasses, cardigan

Roles: university professor, grandmother, grandfather, older brother, older sister

Example: Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars or Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter 

Magician/Inventor (Dionysus)

Very much like Sage, but instead of being motivated to help others, they're driven by knowledge. Magicians can be good or evil, but they're always clever, disciplined and powerful. At the same time, magicians are often obsessed, selfish and arrogant. 

Looks and attributes: suit, sweater

Roles: software developer, wizard, witch

Example: Doc Brown in Back to the Future Loki in Thor

Ruler/Queen (Zeus)

Not always, but often a villain, to achieve their goals, needs to attain absolute power. The biggest fear of the ruler is losing control. 

Looks and attributes: Two-piece woman dress-suit, black suit

Roles: headmaster, director, manager

Example: Darth Vader from  Star Wars but also Aragorn from Lord Of The Rings 

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