Getting Headshots

Headshots are the most important thing for the actor right after the training and industry connections. Often, the headshot is the only thing to decide if you'll get considered for the role. Headshots are also quite expansive. The whole process is very much different from traditional portrait photography, and only specialized photo studios can get you the results you expect. 

A working actor with an agent is expected to keep headshots updated once a year. Get a piggy bank and put aside 50 dollars toward your headshots every month. This way, you will have the required funds when the time comes.

Select The Photographer (1 month before)

Each photographer has his distinct style. It is advised that you should visit each website and pick the one that has the right vibes for you. If you have a Talent Agent, please consult your agent before making an appointment. While sometimes you can get last-minute bookings, the market is very busy and for the busiest photographers, you have to book a slot one month ahead. 

If you identify yourself as a female, then consider getting a makeup and hair artist appointment as well. The best headshot photographers that work with actors all the time would be able to provide you with the service on-site as part of the complete package.

Once you book the appointment, you should stop eating spicy food, drinking alcohol or eating sweets or chocolate, all of those can have a negative effect on your skin. You should drink at least 2 weeks of water every day to get your skin an additional boost. Stay hydrated. 

Candace Woods Photography

Address: 938 Gibsons Way, Gibsons, BC.


Phone: 778-847-1783

Karolina Turek Photography


Phone: 604-773-2422


The Portrait Sessions Headshots



Ashley Ross Studios


Are you a Headshot Photographer providing services for actors in British Columbia? We'll be happy to include you in the list above. Please send us an e-mail with a brief bio and a short list (3 to 5) of imdb-registered actors you've worked with before to 

Select Character Types (3 weeks before)

No later than 3 weeks before your headshot session, discuss with your talent agent what looks you are going to be shooting. If you do not have a talent agent, consult your acting coach or teacher from an acting school about what types of characters best fit your personality. Alternatively, ask your fellow actors and colleagues from the industry. If nothing else works then do one of the Jung personality tests available online to figure out your type. 

Shopping (2 weeks before)

Once you know what types of characters you're after, then you have to find specific clothes. If you're lucky, you might already have the right outfits, but most likely, your garderobe will need a slight refresh. And what's a better reason to go shopping than headshots? Have some fun. Remember not to take off the price tags from the outfits you purchase, as if something is not used during the photo session, you can always exchange it if the shop's policy allows for it.  When selecting clothing make sure that there are plain colours, no big logos and the clothes fit well - might be tighter than what you would normally wear. But most importantly - the shopping has to be done for the specific type of outfit you're after. 

If you're ordering clothes online, please take into account that it might take much longer for the delivery to arrive, then you need to make sure to order well ahead of time. 

If you're after some very specific looks, you might consider visiting the Value Village or Salvation Army stores.

Haircut (1 week before)

Even if you make an appointment for hair together with the headshots, this does not include any haircut. The haircut needs to be arranged separately. 

Brow regulation ( 3 days before)

You most likely never though about it, but your brows could make a huge difference to your look and the final result of the headshots. Make sure that you get them sorted, and don't do it too early otherwise they'll grow back. 3 days before is enough.

Manicure (1 day before)

Well, even though you're getting a headshot, you don't want to be embarrassed if your hands are not well prepared to appear in the shot. If you think your skin needs a little bit of boost, there's a paraffin treatment as well that you can get in the spa. 

Sleep (the night before)

Have a good sleep, and go to bed early (no partying or late movie-watching). All of the effort put in before would be wasted if you don't have a good beauty sleep.

Breakfast (on the morning of the headshot)

Do not eat anything that would make you feel full. Better to stay hungry than to gain an additional stone in the morning. Drink some water, have a toast, that's it. Do not put any makeup on the day of the shoot if you've booked an appointment with a makeup artist for the photo session. 

In studio 

Be 15 minutes ahead and have all the clothes on the hanger ironed out. Relax and just have fun.

Select photos (2 weeks after)

After about 2 weeks you'll receive the link to the gallery. Share it with your talent agent to make the best selection. Again if you do not have a talent agent yet, please ask the headshot photographer to help you with the decision.

Print headshots (4 weeks after)

Even though most of the submissions are made online, it's still good to have at least some headshot photos printed out, so you can staple them together with your resume and bring it to the audition room when necessary. Do not print your headshots at home unless you are a professional photographer. While this is possible - you would need satin (semi-glossy) paper and a professional photo printer. You're unlikely to get satisfying results as you need proper software to ensure the colours on the photo and printout match. It's not only expensive, but also you're unlikely to get the correct result.

Don't be cheap. Please leave it to the professionals. There's one place in Vancouver that specializes in what you need.

Rocket Repro

Photo service specializing in actors' headshot printing.

Address: 403 West Cordova Street, Vancouver BC V6B 1E5


Phone: 604-682-6000


Are you an actor from British Columbia and believe we still need to make some modifications?  Please let us know immediately by contacting, and we'll make suitable adjustments.