You must learn a lot if you're serious about pursuing a career in any industry. It is not different when you're considering becoming an actor and working in show business. To be successful at acting, it is required to master several areas of the craft. 

If you live in British Columbia, you're lucky. There is a considerable number of great film acting schools with passionate teachers all across the province.  Check what school is in your area.

Stanislavski Technique

Constantin Stanislavski's teachings changed how actors prepare for the role and behave on stage for those that lived during his time and for generations following. 

Meisner Technique

The core concept of the Meisner Technique and the sentence that opens the very first lesson is the observation that "The foundation of acting is the reality of doing." 

Chakra Technique

The Charkra Technique recognizes that emotional memory is unreliable for bringing emotions out. And over time, the same memory, if used again and again, will fade.

You have to speak English with a specific accent or dialect called General American Dialect. You have to sound American. Learn about dialect coaching and best resources in this area.

You might believe you can play anyone, and if you're a talented actor, you might be good enough to portray several characters successfully. Some characters would be a much better fit than others.  

Headshots are the most important thing for the actor right after the training and industry connections. Often, the headshot is the only thing to decide if you'll get considered for the role.


Gone are the days when actors didn't have to be familiar with the technology. When everyone was locked in a home, the same happened to actors, and the industry changed dramatically. 

The movie script has a distinct format from a stage play or a graphic novel. All movie scenes consist of the very same elements. And you, an actor, should know what all those specific elements mean. 

After 2021 everything changed. Before going to the audition waiting room, you must record a self-tape. If you have the required equipment, you can do it at home. 


Within the World of acting, a respected actor needs to correctly recognize, show and present emotions in a way that is well understood by most of the population.

Demo Reels

With the Headshot and Resume, the Demo Reel is one of your most crucial marketing materials. You need to keep it updated and make sure that at all times.

Actor's Resume

The actor's resume has a particular format. It is always just one page, the same size as the headshot, 8"x10". It is supposed to be stapled to the back of the headshot.

So, at that stage, it was quite a journey for you. It likely took you 6 to 12 months to get here, and you're ready to pursue your acting career. Learn what you need for submission to an agency.

Audition Eqiquette

Finally, you've got an agent, submitted your self-tape, and you've got invited to an in-person audition. Learn how to behave and what to bring to an audition.

The feature film script has roughly 110-120 standard pages. Creating a great, engaging script on 120 pages is more complicated than writing a book.

In the movie industry, among screenwriters and movie markers, there's a separate classification of genres for people behind the camera to describe the specific story structure.

The movie set is a workplace like many others. Movie making is a collaborative effort, and to make the day, we all have to follow a set of unformalized rules described in the Set Etiquette. 

Who Is Who On Set

Learn about all those people running around you. They want to make sure that you look the best and that you can present your best acting. Meet the crew.

The movie industry might be so confusing when you start out. All of those folks around you seem to be talking completely different language. 

British Columbia is the centre of the very dynamic movie industry. Learn about the organizations and other websites that can help you in your career and professional goals as an actor.