Industry Links

British Columbia is the centre of the very dynamic movie industry. Learn about the organizations and other websites that can help you in your career and professional goals as an actor. 


Actors love awards. The best performances in motion pictures are traditionally awarded Oscars, and the worst with Golden Raspberries. The best performance in television is awarded an Emmy award. In Canada, the best actors compete for Canadian Screen Awards.


The Union Of British Columbia Performers (UBCP) represents professional actors in British Columbia. The union is an autonomous branch of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA).

If you are a member of American SAG-AFTRA or Equity UK you might be able to apply for UBCP/ACTRA membership.

Job Boards

Obviously when you have an agent, most of the jobs you'll get directly through the Talent Agency. But you still need to make sure to keep your account in the professional portals in pristine shape:

While you're waiting for an agent, there's a local portal that lists fresh auditions for both paid and unpaid gigs daily:

Script Writing

Screenwriters are associated with the Writers Guild of Canada:

Scriptwriters in the Vancouver area can send their scripts for the cold read series once a month:

It is also an excellent opportunity for actors to get exposed to fresh material and do a cold read.

New movie scripts should get registered with one of the WGA branches in the States:

Local YouTube Channels And Podcasts

UBCP/ACTRA provides valuable information for the local community of actors on their YouTube channel:

Snejina Stoilova from Alearia Artists Talent Agency is running the Actor and Agent Podcast and YouTube channel:

The Story Institute is running a local acting YouTube Channel:

Vancouver Film School is running a YouTube Channel showcasing the work of their students:

Brandi England from Ignite Artist Talent Agency appeared in one of the Casting Networks YouTube episodes giving an overview of the local market:

Are you representing a professional acting organization in British Columbia, and do you believe we've missed anything?  Please let us know immediately by contacting, and we'll be happy to make appropriate adjustments.